What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)?

July 18th, 2018 by

A pre-delivery inspection (PDI) is the final check a dealer performs on a car before it can be sold to a customer. It is a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to make sure it is ready to be driven on the road.


Vehicles are transported in shipping mode and covered in a protective film. During the PDI, the dealership removes the film and tests all the features and functions of the car including but not limited to:

  • Complete computer system diagnostic check
  • Test all interior and exterior lighting
  • Complete electrical system test (battery, starter, and alternator
  • Check and fill all fluid levels as needed
  • Properly inflate tires
  • Test Bluetooth connectivity and accessory outlets
  • Test all audio system operations and navigation if equipped
  • Evaluate windshield washer spray pattern
  • Check that all safety components are working
  • Test drive to make sure there are no vibrations or steering wheel pull

Once all of the mechanical and electronic tests have been performed, the vehicle is detailed inside and out before being put on our lot.


Steve Appelbaum, General Manager Explains the PDI

During the delivery of a vehicle, the customer the PDI checklist will be reviewed with the buyer and both the buyer and salesperson will sign the document. It is then given to the Service Department and entered into the customer’s service record.

If you have any questions about our PDI process, please contact us.

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