Windshield Damage: Dangers and Fixes

October 17th, 2019 by

It does not take much to ding or crack a windshield. One rock or piece of flying debris and you’ve got damage. First it is important to know that a damaged windshield poses real danger. In addition to impaired visibility, crack creates weak spots in the tension of the glass and jeopardizes the structural integrity of the windshield. Temperature changes can exacerbate the problem. Furthermore, a cracked windshield can worsen accident damage and injuries.

Section 56-5-5000 of the South Carolina Code of Laws states:

that safety glass in vehicles must be unobstructed. A cracked or damaged windshield can be dangerous and can obstruct the driver’s vision. The law requires you to fix or replace a broken windshield.

Fortunately, the laws also protect you. It states, “Any automobile physical damage insurance coverage deductible or policy deductible does not apply to automobile safety glass.”  There is no charge to repair or replace a windshield. You are also free to choose whatever auto glass company you want to perform the work.

You will likely find temporary or Do-It-Yourself fixes, but we recommend against it. With insurance covering 100% of the costs, it is a job best left to professionals. In most cases, the work can be performed at your home or place of business so there is no inconvenience.

Kia Country is pleased to recommend Auto Glass Now. If you have any questions, please contact our Service Department.

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